Trinimon Calculator

First of all many thanks for using this calculator! Initially it has been developed as a rapid prototype for a J2ME calculator. Thanks to the PhoneGap framework I could port the HTML and Javascript sources rather easily to the Android platform.

I performed lots of tests and put some extra efforts on it in order to make the application more comfortable for Android devices. Anyhow I know there is always room for improvements, so please don't hesitate to contact me, if you experience any kind of problems or if you have suggestions to it.

About the calculators features: it supports basic arithmetic operations, trigonometric and logaritmic functions, binary, octal and hexadecimal calculations and comes along with 40 constants. Many features are rather self-explanatory as the calculator works pretty similar as a usual calculator.


Invpress this key for using second, invers and hyperbolic functions or for getting the second set of constants
Conusing this key you can recall one of the 40 constants
Modthe calculator support different modes. use ...
  Mod 0for decimal calculations (default)
  Mod 1  for binary calculations
  Mod 2for octal calculations
  Mod 3for hexadecimal calculations
  Mod 4for trigonometric calculations in degrees (default)
  Mod 5for trigonometric calculations in radian
  Mod 6for trigonometric calculations in grad
Acclear all
Cclear last number
Bsremove last digit
EEadd an exponent
Ran returns a random number between 0 and 1
¾key for fractional arithmetic

Hardware keyboard

Since version 1.2.6 the Trinimon scientific calculator supports hardware keybords for basic arithmetics. Following table shows the mapping of keyboard keys to painted calculator keys:

Hardware key    Calculators key    Description
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9    digits
..decimal point
+ - × ÷+ - × ÷basic arithmetics
( )( )brackets
aAcclear all
iInvsecond, invers and hyperbolic functions
=  ↵=result


The display area consists of an eleven-digits mantissa plus sign, a two-digits exponent plus sign and three status symbols.

The following table lists positions, symbols an their meaning:

Position  Symbol  Bedeutung
1iFInvers or second function
1HHyperbolic function (only trigonometric functions)
1iHInvers hyperbolic function (only trigonometric functions)
1CQuery constant
2MMemory contains a value
3DCalculations based on decimal system; enter angles in degree
3RCalculations based on decimal system; enter angles in radian
3GCalculations based on decimal system; enter angles in grad
3BCalculations based on binary system
3OCalculations based on octal system
3HCalculations based on hexadecimal system

Sample calculations

3 + 2 × 4 = 11   
23 - ln 4 = 6.61370...   
3.25 × 1015 ÷ eπ = 1.4044... × 1014   
-¼ × sinh-1 8! = -2.8244...   
T0 ÷ ( 2 + sin-1 1 ) = -2.9690...   
100101Bin ÷ 11Bin = 1100   
1/3 + 1/2 × 4/7 = 13/21   
A1FHex Or 1D1Hex And B0BHex = B1F   


Con 0 e Elementary charge1.602176462e-19
Con 1 μ0 Mag. constant12.566370614e-7
Con 2 ε0 Electric constant8.854187816e-12
Con 3 c Speed of light in vacuum299792458
Con 4 G Newtonian constant of gravitation6.67428e-11
Con 5 gn Standard acceleration of gravity9.80665
Con 6 NA Avogadro constant6.02214179e23
Con 7 k Boltzmann constant1.3806504e-23
Con 8 R Molar gas constant8.314472
Con 9 σ Stefan-Boltzmann constant5.6704e-8
Con EE T0 Absolute zero-273.15
Con . Vm Molar volume of ideal gas22.413996
Con π Pn Standard atmosphere101325
Con e h Planck constant6.6260695729e-34
Con × Λ Cosmological constant2.0766433e-43
Con ÷ ћ Reduced Planck constant1.054571726e-34
Con 1/x α Fine-structure constant7.297352533e-3
Con + me Electron mass9.10938188e-31
Con - re Classical electron radius2.81794033e-15
Con ± mp Proton mass1.67262158e-27
Con-1 0 mn Neutron mass1.6749286e-27
Con-1 1 Ye Electron gyromag. ratio1.760859708e11
Con-1 2 R Rydberg constant1.0973731534e7
Con-1 3 ER Rydberg constant times c in Hz3.289841960360e15
Con-1 4 fR Rydberg constant times hc in eV13.6051413843
Con-1 5 a0 Bohr radius0.52917721086e-10
Con-1 6 μB Bohr magneton9.2740091523e-24
Con-1 7 μe Electron mag. mom.-9.2847637723e-24
Con-1 8 ge Electron g factor2.002319304386
Con-1 9 μN Nuclear magneton5.05078324e-27
Con-1 EE μP Proton mag. mom.1.41060761e-26
Con-1 . Yp Proton gyromag. ratio2.675222099e8
Con-1 π μ'p Shielded proton mag. mom. to Bohr magneton ratio1.520993129e-3
Con-1 e Y'p Shielded proton gyromag. ratio over 2 pi42.576375
Con-1 × mu Unified atomic mass unit1.66053873e-27
Con-1 ÷ F Faraday constant9.6485339e4
Con-1 1/x Φ0 Mag. flux quantum 2.06783364e-15
Con-1 + Eh Hartree energy 4.3597482e-18
Con-1 - c1 First radiation constant3.7417749e-16
Con-1 ± c2 Second radiation constant1.43876912e-2
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